On Sunday 12th of May 2009, Jennifer Davies raised a heroic £430 for EPRA in


Jennifer finished  the race in 2 hours, but on the last mile tore a ligament in her knee (the medial collateral ligament) and had to limp the last mile which was really hard to do with the pain. On the finishing line a paramedic put Jennifer into a wheelchair and she was taken to Accident and Emergency, given pain killers, a splint and crutches.

May 14th sees Jennifer waiting for an appointment to learn how long it will be before she can walk again without crutches.

July 17th Jennifer writes: "As of last week i stopped using my crutches. Still attending physio, but I am alot better and will hopefully be discharged after the next appointment."

This was a wonderful effort and EPRA wish to thank Jennifer and all her sponsors.