Text Box: As part of the training programme for reinsertion into the world of meaningful employment, a familiarity with current Information and Communications Technology now forms a central part of the EPRA (UK) programme. 
This in turn permits EPRA (UK) to make its course material, expertise and support available online to individual course participants as well as to organisations running the EPRA course under licence. To manage this we will be using the Blended Collaborative Learning (BCL) environment, a combination of face-to-face and Computer Supported Collaborative Learning provided by the “FirstClass” software which has been tested and developed through use at the Open University and other centres of learning.
Online Blended Collaborative Learning is a 'distance learning' method that has the potential to provide superior learning experiences compared to traditional classroom methods. Text Box: EPRA ONLINE at 
Abacus Virtual College
EPRA will be using the flexible potential of the FirstClass conferencing system not only to engage the talents and answer the needs of course participants, but to train the future counsellors for EPRA courses throughout the UK, and to build up records for evaluation and an archive of specialist knowledge. Hosting and technical support is provided by Abacus Learning Systems, running their Virtual College model.
Our task is as follows:
“To enable individuals recovering from Alcoholism or other Addictions to return to meaningful work and maintain long term abstinence”.  The shortest explanation of how we do it is summed up in three phases of the EPRA Process:-
To find out where you are today
To determine where you want to go
To work out how you are going to get thereText Box: At the end of the 12-week course, successful graduates will be able to:-
 · 	Identify their personal qualities and the areas they need to work on improve their performance.
 ·	Explain the motivation that is effective for themselves and for others.
 ·	Explain the importance of setting realistic, achievable goals and attaining them.
 ·	Demonstrate how to manage their time.
 ·	Recognise situations that are liable to cause them stress, and develop the means to avoid or deal with these.
 ·	Understand the ways and means of making career decisions.
 ·	Explain relationships of diet to behaviour and to addiction, and the importance of a balanced diet.
 ·	Demonstrate their ability to use Information Communication Technology and Computer Mediated Conferencing.
 ·	Demonstrate their increased ability to identify problems and find effective solutions.Text Box: Phone: +44(0)7785222086
Email: mailbox@epra.org.uk
EPRA ONLINE SUPPORT +44(0)1908566667Text Box: EPRA UK
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London W11 2DEText Box: EPRA ONLINE is a Computer Supported Collaborative Learning ProgrammeText Box: Blended Collaborative Learning